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Ant Keeping Census (Updated list of ants kept by members of the forum)


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#1 Offline dspdrew - Posted December 5 2013 - 10:21 AM

  • LocationSanta Ana, CA

This thread is the place for any of the forum members to post a list of the ants they have kept, and/or are currently keeping. If you need to change your list, just use the "Edit" function on your post, and that way it will show the date the post was last edited, allowing anyone looking at it to know how up-to-date your list is.

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#2 Offline dspdrew - Posted December 5 2013 - 10:24 AM

  • LocationSanta Ana, CA


Camponotus clarithorax [062]
Camponotus fragilis [journal] [200]
Camponotus laevigatus [journal] [219]
Camponotus maritimus [journal] [240]
Camponotus ocreatus [journal] [132]
Camponotus sansabeanus [journal] [144]
Camponotus vicinus [journal] [145]
Camponotus us-ca02 [journal] [055]
Camponotus sp.1 [journal] [247]
Camponotus sp.2 [journal] [236]
Crematogaster sp.2 [journal] [080]
Crematogaster sp.6 [journal] [244]
Dorymyrmex bicolor [journal] [220]
Myrmecocystus mexicanus [journal] [124]
Myrmecocystus mimicus [journal] [217]
Myrmecocystus navajo [journal] [134]
Myrmecocystus cf. placodops [journal] [196]
Myrmecocystus cf. romainei [journal] [230]
Myrmecocystus cf. semirufus [journal] [242]
Myrmecocystus testaceus [journal] [149]
Myrmecocystus wheeleri [journal] [234]
Myrmecocystus sp.2 [journal] [217]
Novomessor cockerelli [journal] [232]
Pheidole barbata [journal] [209]
Pheidole hyatti [journal] [205]
Pheidole vistana [journal] [085]
Pheidole xerophila [journal] [107]
Pogonomyrmex californicus (bicolor) [journal] [160]
Pogonomyrmex maricopa [journal] [238]
Pogonomyrmex montanus [journal] [231]
Pogonomyrmex rugosus [journal] [113]
Pogonomyrmex tenuispinus [journal] [202]
Solenopsis molesta [journal] [045]
Solenopsis xyloni [journal] [066]
Veromessor andrei [journal] [235]
Veromessor pergandei [journal] [138]

Acromyrmex versicolor [journal] [119]
Aphaenogaster occidentalis [journal] [193]
Brachymyrmex sp.1 [journal] [104]
Camponotus cf. anthrax [journal] [050]
Camponotus essigi [journal] [037]
Camponotus hyatti [journal] [218]
Camponotus laevissimus [journal] [173]
Camponotus modoc [journal] [225]
Camponotus semitestaceus [journal] [176]
Camponotus yogi [journal] [114]
Camponotus sp.1 [journal] [247]
Crematogaster mutans [journal] [213]
Crematogaster sp.3 [journal] [106]
Crematogaster sp.4 [journal] [187]
Crematogaster sp.5 [journal] [189]
Dolopomyrmex pilatus [journal] [208]
Dorymyrmex flavus [239]
Dorymyrmex insanus [journal] [004]
Forelius sp.1 [journal] [086]
Formica francoeuri [journal] [211]
Formica moki [journal] [068]
Hypoponera sp.1 [journal] [225]
Lasius alienus [journal] [067]
Lasius cf. flavus [journal] [201]
Lasius niger [journal] [190]
Lasius sp.1 [journal] [198]
Lasius sp.2 [journal] [199]
Liometopum luctuosum [journal] [167]
Liometopum occidentale [journal] [038]
Monomorium ergatogyna [journal] [016]
Myrmecocystus tenuinodis [journal] [210]
Myrmecocystus yuma [journal] [197]
Nylanderia vividula [journal] [120]
Pheidole gilvescens [journal] [192]
Pheidole navigans [journal] [010]
Pheidole sp.1 [journal] [237]
Pheidole sp.2 [journal] [044]
Pheidole sp.3 [journal] [204]
Pogonomyrmex californicus [journal] [060]
Pogonomyrmex magnacanthus [journal] [215]
Pogonomyrmex subnitidus [journal] [063]
Prenolepis imparis [journal] [228]
Pseudomyrmex apache [journal] [027]
Solenopsis amblychila [journal] [184]
Solenopsis invicta [journal] [174]
Tapinoma sessile
Temnothorax caguatan [journal] [191]
Temnothorax sp.1 [journal] [180]
Temnothorax sp.2 [journal] [181]
Temnothorax sp.3 [journal] [243]
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#3 Offline wook - Posted December 5 2013 - 1:24 PM


    Advanced Member

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  • LocationSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Camponotus vagus

Camponotus fallax

2x Formica sensu stricto pratensis var. nigricans

Messor structor

Camponotus aethiops

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#4 Offline Crystals - Posted December 5 2013 - 1:34 PM


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  • LocationAthabasca, AB (Canada)

Camponotus noveboracensis   (queen caught May 17, 2014, hibernation problem caused colony to go from 800+ workers to under 100 workers)

                                                 Journal: http://www.formicult...novaeboracensis




I have raised a lot of different species which I later sold or gave away over the years (far too long of a list to type out).



Previous colonies:

Tapinoma sessile                  Journal: http://www.formicult...essile-journal/

Myrmica sp.                          Journal: http://antfarm.yuku....al#.Vh8WeCtHaB1

Formica emeryi                     Journal: http://www.formicult...nal/#entry15970

Formica ulkei                        Journal: http://forum.formicu...-ulkei-journal/

Aphaenogaster occidentalis  Journal: http://www.formicult...ntalis-journal/

Camponotus Herculeanus    Journal: http://forum.formicu...leanus-journal/

Formica podzolica                Journal: http://www.formicult...zolica-journal/

Myrmica                                Journal: http://www.formicult...yrmica-journal/

Crematogaster cerasi            Journal: http://www.formicult...gaster-journal/

Formica parasitic sp.             Journal:  http://www.formicult...ica-sp-journal/

Edited by Crystals, December 5 2017 - 7:35 AM.

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#5 Offline Oz Ant - Posted December 6 2013 - 5:56 AM

Oz Ant


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  • LocationPerth, Western Australia

Myrmecia vindex

Camponotus sp. 1

Camponotus sp. 2

#6 Offline Servercheck - Posted December 6 2013 - 6:05 AM


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  • LocationPenang, Malaysia

Camponotus sp. colony ( best guesses would be C. auriventris or C. dolendus.


A queen roughly identified as Philidris sp.


Iridomyrmex colony 

#7 Offline Bigb - Posted December 10 2013 - 10:22 AM


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  • LocationLa Mirada, CA

Camponotus vicinus

Camponotus sp. 

Formica francoeuri
Myrmecocystus mexicanus

Pogonomyrmex californicus (bicolor)
Pogonomyrmex subnitidus  

Pogonomyrmex rugosus

#8 Offline Myrmecologeek - Posted December 10 2013 - 11:40 PM


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  • LocationPhilippines

Subfamily: Myrmicinae

Solenopsis geminata
Monomorium destructor
Monomorium floricola
Crematogaster ampullaris
Pheidole cf. clypeocornis

Subfamily: Dolicherinae

Tapinoma melanocephalum
Tapinoma emeryi
Dolichoderus thoracicus

Subfamily: Formicinae

Nylanderia sp. ph1
Oecophylla smaragdina
Paratrechina longicornis

Subfamily: Ponerinae

Harpegnathos macgregori
Odontoponera denticulata
Odontomachus simillimus


Edited by Myrmecologeek, December 11 2013 - 7:39 AM.

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#9 Offline nurbs - Posted January 14 2014 - 12:39 AM


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  • LocationLos Angeles

Camponotus clarithorax (Queen captured Spring 2013)

Pogonomyrmex californicus (Queen captured Summer 2013)

Solenopsis xyloni (RELEASED December 2013 near where I found queen, colony grew too large to maintain)

Edited by nurbs, January 14 2014 - 12:40 AM.

California Ants for Sale


Unidentified Myrmecocystus



Undescribed "Modoc"



Camponotus or Colobopsis yogi:


Camponotus us-ca02


Unidentified Formica


Pencil Case and Test Tube Formicariums
Bloodworm Soup

#10 Offline Anthony - Posted February 9 2014 - 1:59 PM


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1 Pogonomyrmex occidentalis in a haven with about 50~70 workers
3 solenopsis molesta in a growth chamber 2 eggs spotted
1 lasius alienus in a growth chamber
1 Formica Podzolica queen with about 40-50 workers
1 Formica Argentea queen with about 200 workers
2 Camponotus castaneus in growth chambers
1 Camponotus p in test tube

Edited by Anthony, June 28 2014 - 3:41 PM.

#11 Offline Michaelofvancouver - Posted May 29 2014 - 1:43 PM


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  • LocationVancouver




Camponotus modoc

Myrmica sp.

Formica podzolica




Lasius alienus

Lasius pallitarsis

Edited by Michaelofvancouver, June 11 2014 - 8:36 PM.

Here's my leopard gecko/ant youtube: https://goo.gl/cRAFbK


My ant website.

It contains a lot of information about ants, guides, videos, links, and more!

If you have any feedback, please post here or PM me, don't be shy!


I currently keep:

Camponotus modoc

Formica podzolica

#12 Offline WeatherAnt - Posted June 11 2014 - 1:40 PM


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  • LocationIndiana



Tetramorium Sp. E

Camponotus semitestaceus (?)


(?) means I haven't had them formally identified.




When I lived in ND:

Lasius pallitarsis

Lasius neoniger


When I lived in NJ:

Tetramorium sp. E

Aphaenogaster sp.

Formica sp. (probably pallidefulva)

Pheidole bicarinata

Pheidole pilifera

Edited by WeatherAnt, July 21 2017 - 11:13 AM.

#13 Offline dspdrew - Posted June 11 2014 - 2:37 PM

  • LocationSanta Ana, CA



Lasius pallitarsis

Lasius neoniger


I haven't had them formally identified. These are just my preliminary guesses.

Are you planning to get any more?

#14 Offline WeatherAnt - Posted June 11 2014 - 8:39 PM


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  • LocationIndiana

Are you planning to get any more?


No, I think two colonies are enough for me ... especially with how busy grad school keeps me.

#15 Offline Lieutenant Redundant - Posted June 15 2014 - 2:43 PM

Lieutenant Redundant


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  • LocationOrlando, FL

As of 15 June 2014

Pogonomyrmex badius

Camponotus floridanus

Camponotus tortuganus

#16 Offline Gregory2455 - Posted July 6 2014 - 11:05 PM


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  • LocationCalifornia

Currently I keep...

Camponotus sp

Dorymyrmex insanus   [Journal]

Lasius neoniger

Solenopsis xyloni   [Journal]

Tetramorium sp.   [Journal]

Temnothorax sp.


In the past I've kept...

Acromyrmex versicolor

Crematogaster sp.1   [Journal]

Crematogaster sp.2   [Journal]

Camponotus sansabeanus

Dorymyrmex cf. bicolor

Dolopomyrmex pilatus

Forelius pruinosus   [Journal]

Formica fusca   [Journal]

Lasius cf. flavus   [Journal]

Lasius niger

Liometopum occidentale

Monomorium sp.

Myrmecocystus cf. creightoni   [Journal]

Myrmecocystus mexicanus   [Journal]

Myrmecocystus mimicus   [Journal]

Myrmecocystus navajo   [Journal]

Myrmecocystus testaceus   [Journal]

Myrmecocystus yuma

Novomessor cockerelli

Nylanderia vividula   [Journal]

Nylanderia sp.2

Pheidole cf. desertorum

Pheidole gilvescens   [Journal]

Pheidole moerens

Pheidole xerophilla

Pogonomyrmex californicus   [Journal]

Pogonomyrmex californics bicolor   [Journal]

Pogonomyrmex rugosus   [Journal]

Pogonomyrmex cf. subnitidus   [Journal]

Pseudomyrmex apache

Solenopsis amblychila

Solenopsis invicta   [Journal]

Solenopsis molesta

Temnothorax sp.1   [Journal]

Edited by Gregory2455, March 24 2020 - 1:15 AM.

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#17 Offline dspdrew - Posted July 7 2014 - 12:24 AM

  • LocationSanta Ana, CA

Pogonomyrmex californicus

Solenopsis molesta

Unknown Species of Ant (3mm Dark Brown Dealate)

Hey do you have any pictures of your Unknown species? I'm sure I can ID it for you if it was found in Southern California.

#18 Offline ParaStatic - Posted July 18 2014 - 8:02 PM


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Camponotus noveboracensis
camponotus herculeanus
tetramorium sp.
Owner and operator of Ant-topia, find me on Facebook at https://m.facebook.com/ant-topia

#19 Offline Mathiacus - Posted July 22 2014 - 11:33 PM


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Ochetellus glaber.

Camponotus nigriceps. Released dec 14

2 Rhytidoponera metallica. Released dec 14

Polyrhachis ammon. Deceased

Myrmecia tarsata

Myrmecia brevinoda x2

Myrmecia nigrocincta x4

Camponotus sp

Dolichorerus sp (spiny dolly ants)

Camponotus nigriceps (queen and eggs)

Camponotus consobrinus (queen and eggs)

Camponotus aeneopilosus (queen 4 workers and brood)

Pheidole sp x3 queens+nanitics.

Edited by Mathiacus, December 30 2014 - 4:57 PM.

#20 Offline Myrmicinae - Posted August 17 2014 - 2:09 PM


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Formica fusca-group sp.

Hypoponera sp.

Myrmica cf. americana

Pheidole ceres

Pheidole cf. megacephala

Tapinoma sessile

Tetramorium caespitum (or sp. E)


Aphaenogaster occidentalis

Camponotus vicinus

Formica neoclara

Lasius neoniger
Lasius sp.
Lasius pallitarsis
Myrmica sp.

Solenopsis molesta

Edited by Myrmicinae, April 18 2015 - 1:29 PM.

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Pheidole ceres
Tapinoma sessile

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