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Dspdrew Appreciation Thread

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#1 Offline Voidley - Posted September 13 2023 - 8:09 PM


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This thread is a place for people to show their appreciation for all the hard work dspdrew has put into this site. I highly encourage anyone who sees this to just take a minute to write something down, it doesn’t have to be much, but just writing down a couple heartfelt words it is the least you can do to show your thanks.

Now, to start off with, I personally just want to thank Drew and say that, as a relatively new ant keeper, finding this forum when I started the hobby has proved to be an invaluable discovery. It has been an absolute goldmine of useful tips, journals, and people to talk to. Browsing through all the posts on here really keeps my fascination with ants alive—and deepens it further! I think I speak for all of us when I say that you have helped shape the ant-keeping community into what it is today. You have created a platform where everyone from newbies to seasoned ant keepers can come together to share their thoughts and experiences with one another. For that, I want to thank you and give you my best wishes for all your future endeavors.

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#2 Offline antsriondel - Posted September 14 2023 - 7:00 AM


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When I found this forum I was struggling to get a colony to nanitics whereas now I have kept and am keeping fifty plus, one hundred plus, and three hundred plus workers in colonies. That was all because of this forum and its members and both would not be here without Drew.

I sincerely want to thank Drew for making this forum and for all the help it has given ant keepers.

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#3 Offline ANTdrew - Posted September 14 2023 - 8:21 AM


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This thread is a great idea. I think few of us can even fathom how much work went into this forum and how much must have to be done to regularly maintain it. Formiculture really is the best forum of its kind out there. I've made good friends, learned so much, and become a better ant keeper. I am very thankful for Drew's work here. 

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#4 Offline bmb1bee - Posted September 14 2023 - 9:27 AM


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Agreed. Ever since I've come here to this forum, I've learned so much more from other antkeepers and enthusiasts! To think I used to be afraid of ants back when I was younger is kinda funny... In any case, I'm glad to be a part of this community and participate with the rest of you all in things like nuptial flights and forum threads. Cheers to Drew for starting it all!

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#5 Offline Ernteameise - Posted September 14 2023 - 10:47 AM


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This is a great community.

I enjoy the company.

Thank you for making it possible that people from all over the world can talk about our common love for ants.

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#6 Offline Virginian_ants - Posted September 14 2023 - 12:43 PM


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I would not have this many thriving ant colonies if it weren't for dspdrew's ideas and work.
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#7 Offline CAantz - Posted September 14 2023 - 2:20 PM


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I agree with all of the comments above, this truly is a great forum due to Dspdrew’s hard work.

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#8 Offline 100lols - Posted September 14 2023 - 6:15 PM


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Dear Andrew,

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for all of the energy, effort, and resources you put into Formiculture. Doing business with you has been an absolute pleasure, each and every time. I'm continually impressed by the high level of quality and dedication you bring to all your work. I look forward to continuing our successful community I’ve had the pleasure of joining this year, and witnessing the continued growth and success of Formiculture under your guidance.

Dax London

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#9 Offline AntsCali098 - Posted September 14 2023 - 6:33 PM


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This forum is the best in ant keeping, superior to the antscanada thread. Thank you for creating such a great community and helping me with problems along the way :⁠-⁠)

Ps This is the new most wholesome thread on the platform lol
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#10 Offline dspdrew - Posted September 14 2023 - 9:27 PM

  • LocationSanta Ana, CA


Thanks a lot guys. While I maintain the website, the community is who makes all the content, and for that I thank you. ;)

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#11 Offline Tanks - Posted September 15 2023 - 7:07 AM


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Thank you, dspdrew! Without this forum I most likely not be able to keep the species I have now, which are some of my favorite ants to keep. I would still be a pretty bad ant keeper without formiculture. THANK YOU!

Edited by Tanks, September 15 2023 - 7:12 AM.

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#12 Offline rptraut - Posted September 15 2023 - 1:41 PM


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Hello dspdrew;

I would like to add my thanks for all the time and effort you put into the operation of this forum.  It must be frustrating at times - keeping hardware and software running smoothly, doing daily maintenance and all the time fending off cyber-attacks and spammers!  Please know that your efforts are appreciated. 


I found this forum while researching how to look after a large ant colony I had just found.  I don't think I would have that colony today if it wasn't for this forum and your good work.  Thank you


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#13 Offline ConcordAntman - Posted September 18 2023 - 5:51 PM


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I hope you and yours are well. I’ve been here since 2018. With what I’ve learned here, I’ve been better able to manage my colonies and made friends all around the globe. Thank you for keeping the this train on the rails. You’ve made it an important connection for us all.  :hi:

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#14 Offline B_rad0806 - Posted September 18 2023 - 6:57 PM


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Without Drew, I would never be the antkeeper I am today. I would have never been able to connect with other smart antkeepers and neither would those people have. I've also learned so much from his posts which have helped me since I joined in 2018. I don't wanna sound like a glazer here but I feel like Drew might be the most impactful antkeeper to step foot in the hobby. He might not be the reason people join the hobby, but I feel like he's the biggest reason that people go from being newbies to being great in the hobby. Lastly thank you for keeping this forum up strong for 10 years. Looking forward to seeing what more you will do in the future! 

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