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Leptomyrmx's Myrmecia Mishaps

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#1 Offline Leptomyrmx - Posted January 9 2022 - 2:12 PM


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  • LocationSydney, Australia

Hi everyone. In this journal, I'll be recording all the close calls I have with wild Myrmecia, or Bull Ants, for your entertainment.


9th of January, 2022

Brushed past a tree, and a Myrmecia nigrocinta worker falls out and onto my shoulder. My stupid reflexes make me brush it off, and she lands on my sister's bare hand. Luckily nobody was stung, I couldn't believe it.

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Colonies: Camponotus humilior 1w, Opisthopsis rufithorax 3w, Aphaenogaster longiceps 5w, Pheidole sp. ~50w 2m, Nylanderia cf. rosae ~10w x2, Rhytidoponera cf. victorae 7w, Iridomyrmex sp. 2q ~30w, Maybe Solenopsis or Monomorium 2w, Brachyponera lutea 3w

Queens: Iridomyrmex purpureus :yahoo:, Colobopsis sp., Nylanderia cf. rosae 2q, Technomyrmex sp., Tetramorium sp.

Key: Q = Queen, W = Worker, M = Major

Youtube Channel: Ants of Sydney - YouTube

#2 Offline JCRHJM - Posted January 10 2022 - 4:56 AM


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Nigrocincta used to scare the crap out of me especially because they can jump, to be honest they still do especially when they come close to my fingers. 

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#3 Offline PaigeX - Posted January 10 2022 - 3:52 PM


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Yea when I got the one you gave to me she jumped at me when i put something into the container. Scared me a bit hahaha.
I also saw a small Myrmecia Chrysogaster worker yesterday and followed her to under a car we don't use. I'm guessing we have a new nest under there but I can't get to it to see. It was clearly a nanitics because of its size.

Favourite Genus: Polyrhachis 


Myrmecia Chrysogaster - a Queen. Myrmecia Gilberti - a Queen. Myrmecia Nigrocincta - Queen and worker. Colobopsis Macrocephala - a Queen
Polyrhachis Ammon - 1 Colony + 9 Queens. Polyrhachis Vermiculosa - 2 Colony's + 2 Queen. Polyrhachis Aurea - 1 Queen. Polyrhachis Phryne - a Queen. Polyrhachis Australis - Colony. Polyrhachis Daemeli - 2 Queens.
Camponotus Aeneopilosus - 5 Queens. Camponotus Elegans - a Queen. Camponotus Humilior - 2 Queens. Camponotus Eastwoodi - 2 Queens. Crematogaster Laeviceps -Starting colony.
Brachyponera lutea - a Queen. Iridomyrmex Bicknelli - a colony + 2 queens. Ochetellus glaber - 2 Colony's. + 1 different unidentified Queen.
One unidentified Golden Spiny Ant colony. Might be Polyrhachis (Chariomyrma) schoopae or Polyrhachis (Chariomyrma) pallescens.
My YouTube channel: Australian Polyrhachis +


May God Bless you.

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