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Amarillo, Texas (9/8/18) Formica Neogagates?

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#1 Offline Spamdy - Posted September 8 2018 - 6:19 PM


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1. Location (on a map) of collection: Armarillo, Texas
2. Date of collection: August 5th
3. Habitat of collection: Cotten field
4. Length (from head to gaster): 8mm 
5. Color, hue, pattern and texture: Entire body is jet black, only legs have a hint of red. Glossy, shiny body.
6. Distinguishing characteristics: One large Petiole 
7. Distinguishing behavior: Polygynous, I have 2 queens together
8. Nest description: Rotton log

9. Nuptial flight time and date: Afternoon, August 5th










I had previously identified these as Formica neogagates but I want a confirmation from more experienced members.

Edited by Spamdy, September 8 2018 - 6:24 PM.

All my colonies are dead. 




  Pogonomyrmex barbatus

  Pheidole obscurithorax

  Pheidole morens

#2 Offline WeatherAnt - Posted March 17 2019 - 5:18 PM


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#3 Offline Martialis - Posted March 17 2019 - 7:31 PM


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Definitely Formica at the very least.


#4 Offline Ant_Dude2908 - Posted March 21 2019 - 5:35 AM


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Formica subsericea or argentea. Neogagates have red legs have matte black bodies and smaller heads, in my experience.

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Aphaenogaster rudis


Aphaenogater tenneseenis                      Ant_Dude2908's Antkeeping Supply Shop                    Tennessee Anting Thread


Brachyponera chinesis


Camponotus subbarbatus


Camponotus chromaiodes


Crematogaster ashmeadi




Ants I've found (in TN) : Aphaenogaster rudis, Aphaenogaster tenneseenis, Brahcyponera chinesis, Camponotus subbarbatus, Camponotus chromaiodes, Camponotus pennsylvanicus, Camponotus snellingi, Crematogaster ashmeadi, Crematogaster lineolata, Crematogaster cerasi, all Temnothorax spp., Solenopsis invicta, Solenopsis xyloni, Stigmatomma pallipes, all Strumigenys spp.












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