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ANTdrew's Crematogaster divas journal

antdrew crematogaster journal divas

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#101 Offline NickAnter - Posted June 12 2019 - 6:27 AM


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Sweet! I currently have a colony of Crematogaster lineolata with 2 queens, 4 alate females, and over 150 workers. I collected them with my aspirator and trust me, it was one of my biggest regrets! They actually have formic acid, and that stuff is horrible on your lungs! I went to bed that night coughing a madman and I almost had an asthma attack! I don't recommend anyone do that!

Crematogaster do not have formic acid. They have another venom that they exude on the tips of their stingers, and that is what you inhaled.

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---Solenopsis molesta(1 tube with 8 queens, one fertile)

---Monomorium ergatognya(1) Pheidole navigans(3 separate queens) Hypoponera spp. (2 separate queens)

Hoping to get soon:Camponotus fragilis,Lasius pallitarsis and brevicornis,Formica argentea,Stigmatomma pallipes/oregonense and Pogonomyrmex californicus.

#102 Online Ant_Dude2908 - Posted June 12 2019 - 6:30 AM


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They don't seem to use their singers much though...

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Aphaenogaster rudis


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Brachyponera chinesis


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Crematogaster ashmeadi




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#103 Offline FeedTheAnts - Posted June 12 2019 - 6:52 AM


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That's exactly what I'll do. I don't really care for using mini-hearth with fast growing escape artists.

The Fortress also has much thicker walls(I believe). My Crematogasters chewed out of their mini hearth at a weak point in the wall, so I think a fortress would totally be a better option. Whatever you do, NEVER let the water tower spill. It happened to me twice, and that was all it took for the ants to chew out.

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