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My first queen ant have 5 eggs 1 week after capture (Camponotus ligniperda)

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#1 Offline mads220 - Posted June 2 2024 - 9:45 AM



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Here you can see the date i made the topic! That was the day i found her! 


Spieces: Camponotus ligniperda 


Everything happens really fast for me and i wonder as you can see in the other post! This is a big spiecies of ant! Should i make a bigger  test tube setup? Or should i just leave her? She seems do be doing good! She was licking the eggs and they did not look empty! They had a bit yellow color already!


So do i need to get a little ant vivarium before Christmas? I heard that it would take months before they start laying eggs but these eggs are already quite the size and it looks like they are fed! It's a  big spiecies so I'm like 90% sure i did see something inside the eggs! I only looked for about 5 seconds and put her back in the dark because its my first i really really really want it to not die :D 


This was a messy post but my head is a mess right now!


I was thinking of buying one of these https://www.antstore...20x20x20-combi/since its a norwegian store and its local for me! Also i think these ants like the wall because they like to make their nests in soil! Also you can add on stuff later when the colony gets bigger. I was gonna buy the big one because my ants are huge ants! But should i make them a medium shelter first or just wait untill there is like 30 workers  and just set them free inside here?


It's a nice package! They give u a bottle of honeydew and water feeder and something called cricket mix (mixed crickets in a glass) and its only like 120$ and i think it's gonna last me at least a season or two?


Love this website! I will try to make better posts i know its messy but my head is messy after seeing eggs after 1 week in captivity! But it must mean she loves her temperature and stuff i guess??


Here is a picture of her after one week in captivity! And i ask again to be sure to get the right answer! Do i need to give them more space? I don't need to feed them before normal workers start  showing up ?

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#2 Offline IdioticMouse26 - Posted June 4 2024 - 7:46 PM


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Very cool! Personally, I'm a big fan of camponotus. 

Anyway, here is some tips: You probably won't need a vivarium before christmas. Big species of ants take at least 6 months to a year to get 10-20 workers(don't worry, they start picking up pace after that point). Your current set up should last you quite a while. You also have to hibernate her from the end of November to early March at 5- 10 °C(i usually put mine in the fridge, they don't need food, just make sure to give them plenty of water).

You don't need to feed her, as camponotus is fully claustral(as in, they live off of fat stored in their body before first workers arrive). Feed your colony when the first few workers arrive. honey mixed with water or some chopped feeder insects should be enough. 


Feel free to ask more questions!

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#3 Offline The_Gaming-gate - Posted June 6 2024 - 2:10 AM


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You don’t need a formicarium for a while- Camponotus will probably only have 10 - 20 workers by then. I’d personally buy a wooden nest if you can afford it or something similar to TarHeelAnts.com nests. That’s what I see many people use- I doubt Camponotus would enjoy you watering the formicarium so close to the nest anyways, though I doubt they’d mind.

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