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Pheidole Sp. or Aphaenogaster Longicep?

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#1 Offline CoolColJ - Posted February 1 2018 - 2:00 PM



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I'm from Sydney, and thinking of getting an ant queen


What would you recommend between Pheidole Sp. or Aphaenogaster Longiceps?

I've never seen an Aphaenogaster Longiceps in person. Are the Aphaenogaster much larger?


While I have a Pheidole Sp. nest in my backyard, at least I didn't realise until yesterday!



I saw all these tiny ants wandering around and never thought much of them, they are much smaller than the regular black ants I have everywhere in my backyard.

I put a few pieces of nectarine near another different ant entrance, hoping to lure these out - they are around 4-5mm in length and are dark redd'ish/orange with a black gaster (have any idea what these ants are?)

But these ants never seem to be interested in fruit


I came back an hour later, and see a trail of these tiny ants leading from the fruit to another hole 1 feet away, and then spotted a big headed soldier ant among them - and then it hit me these were Pheidole SP. ants!

Kinda interesting that this Pheidole nest is 12 inches away from the red/black ants nest in a pavement corner crack, and a black ants nest also within 2 feet of it, and they don't seem to fight.


Also saw this Pheidole major move erracticly back to the nest and enter it, which at the time, made me think they must be the same colony as these tiny ants (workers).

Then when I came back 30 mins later, I saw a major (maybe the same major) getting dragged out of the nest by a few tiny workers, like they were trying to pull it apart - which made me question if they were actually from the same colony....

I shoo'ed them away and moved the major away, but it died a few mins later.

I moved it back in front of the nest and tiny workers dragged the body back inside the nest

hmm all very strange....

#2 Offline AntsMaryland - Posted February 1 2018 - 2:46 PM


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Pheidole are a LOT less picky and in my opinion easier to take care of and simpler. I'd go for them if you can. :)

#3 Offline CoolColJ - Posted February 2 2018 - 2:21 PM



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Pheidole are a LOT less picky and in my opinion easier to take care of and simpler. I'd go for them if you can. :)


Yeah I was considering them initially, because they mostly eat seeds and fruits (at least the one nest in my backyard does) so easier for upkeep
The majors are cool, but I wish the workers were larger, they are so small and generic ;)

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