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Where My Fisher People At?

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#1 Offline MegaMyrmex - Posted August 12 2017 - 1:57 PM


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Hello! I should point out that I am a fishing fanatic. Does anybody know any good livebaits for smallmouth bass or largemouth bass? Does anybody know any good baits and how to catch rockfish aka striped bass? Thanks~

***Random tip- Bluegills, pumpkin seeds, and sunfish really enjoy pieces of ham/lunchmeat for bait. Bread wors well, but crumbles too easily

Current colonies-


- 2 Camponotus chromaoides

- 1 Aphaenogaster sp. colony

- 1 Crematogaster colony

- 1 Strumigenys colony :yahoo:  :dance:  :dance2: 


Species checklist(ants found so far)-

- Aphaenogaster teneseensis

- Aphaenogaster picea

- Aphaenogaster sp.

- Brachymyrmex patagonicus

- Camponotus castaneus

- Camponotus chromaoides

- Camponotus nearcticus

- Camponotus pennsylvanicus

- Camponotus subbarbatus

- Colobopsis impressus(dead queen... :*(

- Crematogaster sp.

- Formica pallidefulva

- Formica sanguinea

- Formica subsericea

- Hypoponera sp.

- Lasius claviger

- Lasius umbratus

- Lasius neoniger

- Lasius sp.

- Monomorium minimum

- Myrmica sp.

- Nylanderia flavipes

- Pheidole morrisi

- Pheidole bicarinata

- Pheidole dentata(all pheidole found were workers only :( )

- Ponera pennsylvanica

- Prenolepis imparis

- Strumigenys rostrata

‚Äč- Stigmatomma pallipes :dance2:  :dance:

- Tetramorium immigrans

- Tapinoma sessile


Queens/colonies to Look for-

- Pheidole

- Trachymyrmex septentrionalis

- Polyergus

- Dolichoderus

- Myrmica

- Stigmatomma pallipes

#2 Offline Superant33 - Posted August 12 2017 - 6:21 PM


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Live baits for largemouth? Probably most baitfish. I use artificials for largemouth. Live baits are undoubtedly more effective, but google "yellow magic" and it will change your life. For live bait I guess shad, tilapia, goldfish, crayfish, water dogs and sunfish. Check your local regulations before you use any of them. For smallmouth, leaches and baitfish.

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