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Stuhrike's Myrmecocystus Mexicanus Journal

myrmecocystus mexicanus

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#1 Offline stuhrike - Posted July 26 2015 - 2:26 AM


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It seems people have trouble raising M. Mexicanus so I don't know how long this journal will last but I'll document the entire process.


After the  last vestiges of Hurricane Dolores pelted California, I made my way out to 29 Palms on July 20 to try and dig up some queens.

I managed to find two M. Mexicanus queens at 29 Palms along with four P. Rugosus queens.  


This is what a typical M. Mexicanus queen sign looks like. 

A round outer circle with usually a smaller inner circle.



The first queen I managed to dig up at 29 Palms was dying though.  I dug her up completely intact and she just was feebly waving her legs dying for the two hours I kept her in a container.   Put her out of her misery and gave her to a foraging P. Rugosus worker.



On my way home, I decided to stop at another random spot and picked up a few more along with a few more from my yard.

All in all, I ended up with 13 M. Mexicanus queens.


Some close ups of the queens.



I came home and realized I was in a bit of trouble considering I was out of test tubes.

So I put three of the M. Mexicanus queens in test tubes in order to spread queens out over different set ups.


Queens 1-4 (from left to right) are some kind of honey pot ant but not M. Mexicanus.  Queens 5-7 are M. Mexicanus.  Queens 8 is a P. Rugosus.

All three M. Mexicanus queens have a clutch of eggs and seem to be doing well.



Having read other people's journals, it seemed these queens did best in dirt.  
The only dirt setup I had made at this point was an experiment and I was planning on giving it to my P. Californicus queen since she was having so much trouble starting her colony but I had given her dirt in her test tube and this set up had just sat there.  Seemed like a good opportunity to test it out.


Painter's Storage Cup Setup

Basically, all I had done was put one of the smallest cups inside the biggest cup and surround it with sand dirt.  Then I stuffed the small cup with cotton balls and wet them.  Poked a little hole in the sand dirt for the queen as well.


The queen didn't like this set up too much at first.  I suspect it was because it was a bit tight for her big gaster since this was originally for a P. Californicus so I could feed her.  She dug out the hole a bit but she just kind of stood there doing a handstand all day.

Who know's?  Maybe she just liked getting that head rush from all the blood going to her head.

She did lay a small clutch of eggs though, visible in the picture at the bottom of that hole where her head is.



But almost one week later, this is what she ended up with.

A small chamber at the very bottom with a clutch of eggs she cares for.  

Queen and eggs are barely visible.  Queen is on the left side of the chamber.  Eggs on the right in kind of a yellow flat, spread out pile.

She's doing pretty well in here.  This picture was taken on July 26.



Tic Tac Box Setup

A lot of these queens were still sitting in the Tic Tac boxes I used to store them after digging them up.

I put a small piece of wet, rolled up paper towel or a small cotton ball in there with each of them and they begun laying eggs.



I decided to clean up their Tic Tac boxes and just let them raise their brood in there for now since I lack test tubes anyhow.

I bought more cotton balls so I took out whatever was in there and replaced it with a new moistened cotton ball at the flap part of the Tic Tac box and gave each queen a drop of byFormica Suburst.  Most of the queens were really hungry.



Close ups of the queens

Most of the queens keep their eggs in nice, neat piles.  All except the right queen...



Close up of the other four queens

All of these queens also have a clutch of eggs, some which you can see.  I'm just horrible at taking pictures and trying to get glare out of my photos.



Having revisited the other M. Mexicanus journals, it seems M. Mexicanus has a habit of letting their eggs dry out and die.  

If you see the first picture where the seven queens are all together in their Tic Tac boxes, they're in the larger plastic box the Tic Tac boxes come in.  I'm considering filling the rest of the space with some moistened cotton balls to raise the humidity to prevent drying.  What do you guys think?


Big Box Setup

I originally bought these boxes to house M. Mexicanus queens but ended up giving most of the boxes to my P. Rugosus as can be seen in the journal.  I wanted to try out a couple of M. Mexicanus queens in the dirt Tic Tac box set up but I didn't think they'd fare well in there with their larger size so was going to use the bigger boxes...but eh...


Just like the P. Rugosus, I set it up so there was a lot of dirt piled up on one side with a hole in the corner for them to start nesting.  

I also put a moist cotton ball in there which I also later removed due to condensation.  


The queens just kind of sat there.  They had already laid eggs in their empty Tic Tac box setup from before.  I moved the eggs in first and once they found them, they started to clean them but that was it.  No other movement or desire to look around.

Moved these queens in on July 24th.



One day later, this is what the box looks like.

Instead of using the hole in the corner I gave them, left queen dug out a small hole in the middle and brought her eggs in.

Right queen simply moved down to the least elevated part with dirt and brought her eggs to rear there.  No real attempt at digging.

I was thinking that I piled too much dirt on the higher part and they'd have trouble moving around there.  Seems I may have been right.



Anyways, that's it for now.  Will update more in the following days.  

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Edited by stuhrike, July 26 2015 - 2:33 AM.

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#2 Offline Ants4fun - Posted July 27 2015 - 5:51 AM


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Awesome ants! Those tic tac containers seem to be working out for you. I will have to try that.

#3 Offline stuhrike - Posted August 30 2015 - 10:35 AM


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Been busy with work so haven't updated in a while.  

However, I've had quite a few losses.  


Two of the four test tube queens have died.

The painter storage cup queen has died.  Mostly my fault.  Completely forgot about her... :facepalm:

Five of the seven Tic Tac Box queens have died.


However, both of the big box set up queens are still around and thriving.  Both have huge piles of cocoons, perhaps around 15-20 each.  

These pictures were taken on August 18.  Just haven't uploaded them.




Looked in on them today, August 30, and bam...one of the two queens in the dirt set up have 5-7 nanitics running around  :yahoo:




They had half of their cocoons up here randomly but freaked out when I started taking pics.  
They moved them all back down into the main nest.



A bit difficult to tell in this picture but the queen has laid a new clutch of eggs.  Maybe 20-30 more?  


I'm probably making a gigantic rookie mistake but it's pretty difficult to take care of these ants in this dirt set up.  
I only did so in the first place because I lacked the test tubes.  

But back to that mistake, I've moved this box into a THA Inception chamber I just received from Mack's summer sales and opened the lid so they can move out of there.

We'll see how this goes...


As for the test tube queens that are left, they have small clutches of eggs but have a lot of trouble progressing forward.  I may move them into a Tic Tac Box set up since those queens have progressed.  


This picture was also taken on the 18th.

The two queens that are left are doing well.

Since this picture was taken, most of the larvae have proceeded into cocooning.  



That's all for now.  Was just super excited that I got my first nanitics from a M. Mexicanus.  
Do you think it's a mistake to try and move them into the THA Inception Chamber right now?  :blush:

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#4 Online dspdrew - Posted August 30 2015 - 10:54 AM

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Looks like we're all starting to get nanitics now from that flight.

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#5 Offline Gregory2455 - Posted August 30 2015 - 11:35 AM


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How cool!

#6 Offline LC3 - Posted August 30 2015 - 12:29 PM


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Nice! Congrats mate. Haha sucks I'm not in SoCal >.<





#7 Offline William. T - Posted August 30 2015 - 6:22 PM

William. T

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Great queens!

Species I keep:


1 Lasius cf. Neoniger 30 workers

1 Camponotus sp. 15 workers

20 Tetramorium SpE 30 workers

1 T. Sessile 200 workers


#8 Offline stuhrike - Posted September 2 2015 - 6:09 PM


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So on 8/30, I put that big box set up vertically inside a THA Inception chamber since it didn't fit and I was assuming it'd be uncomfortable for the ants having the nest like that...

I think it made them happier that they could hang off of stuff...and they refused to move into the inception chamber.  I was thinking it'd be a long shot anyway but I wanted to see if they would move into it.



So on 9/2, I got impatient and decided since they probably weren't likely to move inside since they like to hang upside down, I just dumped them all into a THA Mini Hearth since I know that's more their style (since the repletes will hang off the ceiling).  

Granted I just dumped them in, but they moved in immediately and were much happier with the Mini Hearth.



The other big box setup queen will get a THA Talus when those workers eclose since they really like these caves.  Totally regret not getting that Talus in the modular version.  Really had no idea what the difference was until I received it.   :facepalm:

Edited by stuhrike, September 2 2015 - 6:11 PM.

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#9 Offline Ants4fun - Posted September 2 2015 - 8:39 PM


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Looks really nice! Next you can upgrade to the hearth if they still have it. It is also made for honeypot ants.

#10 Offline Here for the honeypots - Posted September 7 2015 - 10:06 PM

Here for the honeypots

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Mini hearth? Where did you get that? Very cool colony by the way

#11 Offline stuhrike - Posted September 7 2015 - 10:18 PM


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Mini hearth? Where did you get that? Very cool colony by the way


It's a product from Tarheel Ants (THA).

and thank you! :)

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