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Discuss: Sunburst Ant Nectar

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#121 Offline drtrmiller - Posted July 26 2019 - 1:50 AM



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Try Sunburst Ant Nectar, Summer Honeysuckle today, and get a FREE 4-pack of Mini Liquid Feeders with your purchase!


No coupon code required.  There is no need to add the liquid feeders to your cart on Amazon.  We will send a FREE 4-pack of Mini Liquid Feeders to everyone who purchases an 8 oz. bottle of Sunburst on Amazon.com through July 27 at 11:59 PM, PST.



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#122 Offline Theantguy14 - Posted July 26 2019 - 6:34 PM


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I just purchased some a couple hours ago, as well as linked this to the discord server. I am excited to try out the new blend and the liquid feeders as this will be my first time using them.


Keep up the good work!

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Have a great day!

#123 Offline drtrmiller - Posted August 14 2019 - 12:24 PM



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Natural Color Issues:


Although I have not received any customer reports, I have observed that the natural annatto color we switched to recently has some stability issues.  In some cases, the color will fade, and in other batches, the color becomes too strong.


No other quality metric that I've tested has changed, and so please be advised that changes in color are not an indication that the product has deteriorated in quality, except for the natural colors.  I'm actively investigating the issue and will post an update as appropriate.


Time for a quick FAQ:

Sunburst is watery.  I expected it to be thicker?


The watery consistency of Sunburst Ant Nectar is expected.


Thicker sugar solutions are less attractive to ants, possibly because thicker substances require more effort by the ant to consume the fluid, or create water imbalances inside the small ants.  As such, the sugar to water ratio is meticulously formulated to create a product that is extremely attractive to a large number of ant species and is easy to consume.  Ants consuming Sunburst will recruit more workers, consume more fluid, and become more "bloated" in appearance compared to ants fed a thicker syrup.


As Sunburst evaporates into a thicker syrup, the ants will be less receptive to it.  If using a byFormica liquid feeder, users may go a number of days or weeks between refills.  When the thicker evaporated syrup is replaced with fresh, watery Sunburst, the ants will be strongly receptive to it again.


What does Sunburst smell like?  How do I know if it has "gone off" based on smell?


Sunburst Original Formula should have little or no detectable odor.


Sunburst Summer Honeysuckle may smell slightly sweet or fruity, with light notes of caramel or maple syrup.


It is not possible to determine whether the Sunburst has "gone off" based on smell.  If your Sunburst shows sign of precipitate, meaning it is cloudy in appearance rather than crystal clear yellow/orange, this is an indication that the product has been exposed to air for an extended period of time, and the product should be replaced.  Contact Us for a replacement, but DO NOT discard the defective product.


If you have questions about the quality of the Sunburst product you are using, please Contact Us.

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