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New Outworld observations/questions

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#1 Offline Canadant - Posted July 21 2019 - 6:30 AM


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So I've put up a larger outworld for my c. Novaeboracensis colony. The set up is great. More room for foraging etc. Also the tubing to the outworld is longer and therefore longer distances to forage.

Observations: Ants hanging out in tubing to outworld. Perhaps they like the humidity in there. Maybe my air conditioner is too cool. Also, maybe my formicarium needs to be an extened. They never hangout over the meshed area of the formicarium. I'm using hybrid camponotus 1.0 with antscanada. It was shoddy when I got it with the mesh sagging from the bottom but no deal breaker. It works. I have two test tubes attached and they're filled with eggs and workers. The formicarium has eggs and lots of workers but not 100% full.

Ant deaths: I've noticed a more than usual number of ant deaths. Perhaps because there is no ant graveyard yet and with the larger tubing and formicarium perhaps I'm just noticing more dead ants. The number is by no means alarming. Twas 5-7 deaths. But you never know. Maybe the jostling and stress of the move freaked out the ant geriatrics.

Picky about food:

My ants since the new outworld have been less than enthusiastic about grub. I've tried the usual crickets superworms hardboiled eggs apples strawberries etc. They're more active and eating today it seems.

Last note of interest: the sand in my formicarium is just pressed into the cement and not too loose however it comes from a lasius colony which discarded it from their nest in their digging escapades. Perhaps my ants just need to make the outworld their own and the lasius pheromones had them freaked out.

I need to post pics.



#2 Offline Acutus - Posted July 21 2019 - 2:32 PM


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Look forward to seeing some pics!


I have 2 Camponotus chromaiodes colonies in AC Hybrid 2.0 nests. I find that when I add water to the underside it seems I get a l ot more ants hanging in the Out world of my setup. I suspect the reason is the more ants in the nest part of the setup the higher the humidity and coupled with a higher environmental humidity it get less comfortable to be in the nest.

It's possible the humidity in the tubes is actually less and they prefer that. ( Just a guess on my part for sure)

As for the food I wouldn't worry so soon after a significant change in habitat, if it persist maybe, but I'll bet they'll be back to normal soon enough.

Ants are very scent oriented so an overdose of new smells to go with the new environment may surely put them on guard. :D



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#3 Offline Canadant - Posted July 21 2019 - 4:02 PM


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Thanks Acutus! Those 2.0 nests look so nice.
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